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Charity and Collaboration Abroad

Finkelstein Memorial Library, through the special efforts of library trustee Marion Reiss, has been donating used books to the Benjamin Kruger English Library in Beit Shemesh, Israel.

The Benjamin Children's Library serves thousands of children from all sectors of the local population. Many of them are from English-speaking families, while others are veteran Israelis and immigrants from Ethiopia, Russia and elsewhere. The children range from haredi to modern Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and secular.

Finkelstein Memorial Library is also working with the Rockland County Haiti Relief Campaign, a coalition of Haitian-American community groups mobilized to gather emergency supplies for Haiti since the devastating earthquake in January, 2010. Richard Morbeth is the library's contact person for these efforts:

There are many reputable charities concerned with libraries and literacy worldwide. Here are just a few samples:

American Library Association: Haiti Relief Fund

Library and Book Donations to Sub-Saharan Africa

Library and Book Donations to Mexico, Central and South America

Support for Public Libraries Recently Destroyed in Cairo, Egypt
(sponsored by Queens, NY Library)

Books for Kids (low-income, at-risk children)

Libri Foundation donates new, quality, hardcover children's books
to small, rural public libraries in the United States


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