ArtistWorks for Libraries

 Artist WorksFree Music and Art Instruction Online:
 Popular String and Band Instruments + More...

ArtistWorks for Libraries provides world-class instruction through self-paced video lessons from Grammy Award-winning music and artistic professionals, offering users everything they need for musical and artistic instruction, from introduction to advanced performance.

• Learn an instrument (piano, guitar, flute, french horn, violin, harmonica, percussion  + more) , get voice training or art instruction from accomplished Grammy and award-winning professors.

• Suitable for both children and adults.

• Beginner to Intermediate instruction.

• Video based with bookmarking features

• An array of instruments, music theory and art.

• Offer an alternative to high cost private arts and music instruction.

• Remote access for 24/7 availability.

• Browser enabled for desktop and mobile devices.

If you already have an account for Zinio magazines, you can use the same login information.  If not, click on "Create New Account" in the top right corner, and enter your library card number to create an account.  After the first time you can log in with your email address and the password you created.


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