English Language & U.S. Citizenship Classes

Your path to U. S. citizenship can begin at the Finkelstein Memorial Library.

These classes will help you understand what it takes to become a U.S. citizen and develop the skills that will help you prepare for your interview.

Citizenship classes start on August 1, 2020.

Please Call Lisa Delmonico for more information at


Learn English in classes for various levels, including beginning, and intermediate classes.

  • Low-level class for Spanish speakers
  • To be determined
  • To be determined
  • Multilevel & Intermediate Class
  • To be determined
  • To be determined

Please call Literacy Solutions’ Academic Coordinator Ana Diaz at 845-825-6141 for further information. 

Tutoring Program

In coordination with Literacy Solutions, Finkelstein has been hosting their volunteer tutoring program.  Literacy Solutions has been helping students improve their English skills, reading and writing, and help them study for The Naturalization Test. This is done on a volunteer and one-on-one basis.

For more information to become a student or a volunteer you can come to or call the Adult Reference desk, ext. 244. Or call Literacy Solutions at 845-708-9072.