Exam Proctoring

Computer userFinkelstein Memorial Library provides long distance students who are Finkelstein cardholders with an exam proctoring service. Long distance learning programs and some professions provide opportunities for independent study on the condition that exams are proctored. In recent years, the number of colleges and universities offering online classes has increased dramatically; this has led to an increased need for proctoring services.

In offering this service we need to balance the needs of the students with the needs of our other library patrons. We can usually meet the requirements for proctoring but we do have some limitations.

We will provide:

  • A staff member to provide proctoring
  • Space for test taking. However, there may NOT be a separate quiet area available
  • The ability to mail or fax a completed examination
  • The ability to complete most on-line testing

The student will:

  • Contact the library to make arrangements with the designated staff member
  • Verify with library staff that the requirements of the institution giving the examination can be met
  • Verify that the physical environment at the library meets test-taking needs
  • Arrange for an accessible computer if needed
  • Provide an appropriately sized, addressed envelope with required postage to return examination to the institution
  • Or, provide a FAX number and/or email contact for alternate means of returning the exam. We will not retain the original examination.

For scheduling tests, please contact John Dempsey, Head of Reference at 845-352-5700, ext. 258.

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