Computer & Internet Use Policy

The Finkelstein Memorial Library expands its ability to provide information resources to the public by providing wireless access to the Internet. Wireless access is provided for use by the Library’s computers configured for wireless access, as well as for use by a library patron’s personal computing equipment and is subject to the conditions outlined in the above Computer and Internet Use Policy.

WIFI users assume all risks and responsibilities to provide anti-virus protection and appropriate security settings on their laptops or PDAs. The Library’s wireless connection is not secure. FML Staff assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or for laptop configurations, security, or data files resulting from the connection to the library’s wireless network. If you need additional assistance, contact the manufacturers of your hardware or software.

Use of the Library’s wireless network is entirely at the risk of the user. The Library disclaims all liability for loss of confidential information or damages resulting from that loss

All children up to and including age 13 must have a permission card signed by a parent/guardian and on file in the Children’s Department.

Children ages 3-5 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or older sibling (ages 10 and up).

Adult Services/Reference Area
Parents/guardians of 14-17 year olds must co-sign Internet Use Agreement.

Identification may be required for verification of age.

Children 13 and under may use the computers/Internet only with a parent or guardian.

Computer/Internet access for children 13 years and under is provided in the Children’s Department.

Technology Center ·
Same policy as Adult Services

Staff Assistance

  • Users must have basic computer skills, including the ability to use a mouse and be able to use Windows and an Internet Browser.
  • Library staff will assist users in getting started on the Internet, and will provide assistance in locating print and/or on-line sources to help patrons learn about using the Internet.
  • Orientation sessions will be scheduled, but staff cannot offer extensive instructions/explanations about the Internet or personal computer use.
  • Staff can provide information about Internet training opportunities available in Rockland County.

Use of the Library’s Internet connection is intended for private, non-commercial activities, and does not permit unauthorized sales and marketing of products or services. 

Privileges may be suspended for violation of any of the following: 

Using computer terminals or other devices (including personal devices) in the public rooms of the library to gain access to an Internet/web site and/or a computer database that displays materials of an inappropriate nature such as:

  1. pictures, signs, symbols, insignias that give indications of a hate group dedicated to illegal discrimination,
  2. sexually explicit materials, which exhibit private parts of the human anatomy (female breasts, male or female genitalia) in a lurid and prurient manner,
  3. displays pornography, child pornography, other graphic materials or language, which would violate the laws of the United States or the State of New York,
  4. displays bodily functions or bodily injury or physical harm to humans or animals in a vulgar and gross manner; which when displayed, violates generally accepted community standards of the Hamlet of Spring Valley, Town of Ramapo, and Rockland County communities as ordinarily applied to individuals who are employed by or patronize the Finkelstein Memorial Library, including members of the general public such as young adults and children who may be accompanying adults in the adult reading room, which display would be determined ordinarily under the above criteria to be objectionable. Repeated violation of “Prohibited Use” policies Accessing the Internet for purposes contrary to State or Federal law or to interfere with or disrupt other users, services or equipment. Such activities may result in the loss of Internet privileges and/or criminal prosecution.

Loss of Privileges Procedures:

Failure to comply with the rules governing Internet Use in the Finkelstein Memorial Library shall result in the following:

  1. The Library patron(s) shall be asked to discontinue their use of the computer terminal with all deliberate speed. 
  2. If the Library patron(s) fail or refuse to discontinue use of any computer device in violation of the foregoing standards and in disregard of the request to discontinue such use, the Library patron(s) shall be provided with a written notice of the violation and shall be asked to leave the library for the remainder of the Library’s business day;
  3. If the Library patron(s) fails or refuses to discontinue the use of any computer terminal on two (2) or more separate days and as a result at least two (2) written notices to discontinue for violation of this policy has been issued (including the first offense), the individual’s privileges to use the computer device shall be suspended for a period of six (6) months. If after any six (6) month suspension, a Library patron violates this policy on one or more additional occasions, the privileges of the Library patron(s) shall be suspended for additional periods of one (1) year each for any subsequent violations; 
  4. If the privileges of any Library patron(s) to use any computer device is suspended by any member of the Library staff under this policy, the patron(s) who is suspended shall have the right to appeal such suspension to the Board of Trustees of the Library and the Library Board will hear and consier such appeal or designate a hearing officer to hear such appeal and to report and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees of the Library for determination. The rules of evidence shall not apply with regard to any such hearing and any individual who presents an appeal shall be limited to thirty (30) minutes to present his or her arguments in support of the case and as part of the appeal process, may present written documenta-tion in support of their appeal; 
  5. In the event the Library patron(s) refuses to leave the library and continues to use a computer device in violation of the foregoing policy and in violation of any requests to discontinue and leave the premises, the Police Department of Spring Valley shall be contacted and an appropriate charge of trespass shall be filed against the Library patron(s) in accordance with the Penal Law of the State of New York.