Meeting Room Use Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Finkelstein Memorial Library recognizes the public meeting rooms as an integral part of the Library’s services. The meeting rooms are principally for Library programs, but will be made available to community groups such as educational, civic, musical, literary, historical, fraternal, cultural programs or governmental activities.

General Regulations

  1. All meetings must be open to the public.
  2. Groups may only book space twice in a calendar year. Booking will be taken within THREE months of the date.
  3. If permission is granted to a group whose members are 18 years of age or younger, at least one adult shall attend all meetings and must be responsible for their conduct. An adult must sign the application for space use.
  4. Light refreshments may be brought in. Limited kitchen facilities are available, including an urn for water or coffee. (Coffee, tea, etc. must be provided by the group.) No dishes or silverware will be provided. The organization is responsible for the cleaning of the coffeepot. All refuse must be disposed of in containers provided and the room left in an orderly condition.
  5. No alcoholic beverages may be served.
  6. Applicant agrees to make good any damage arising from occupancy of the building. The Library shall not be held responsible for loss or damage to any property owned by users of the Meeting Room.
  7. The applicant agrees to hold the Board of Trustees harmless from any claim, loss or damage caused by an act of negligence on the part of the applicant or any person using the facilities.
  8. No material may be attached to the walls for display purposes.

Loss of Privileges Procedures:

  1. The Library patron(s) shall be asked to discontinue their use of the computer terminal with all deliberate speed. 
  2. If the Library patron(s) fail or refuse to discontinue use of any computer device in violation of the foregoing standards and in disregard of the request to discontinue such use, the Library patron(s) shall be provided with a written notice of the violation and shall be asked to leave the library for the remainder of the Library’s business day;
  3. If the Library patron(s) fails or refuses to discontinue the use of any computer terminal on two (2) or more separate days and as a result at least two (2) written notices to discontinue for violation of this policy has been issued (including the first offense), the individual’s privileges to use the computer device shall be suspended for a period of six (6) months. If after any six (6) month suspension, a Library patron violates this policy on one or more additional occasions, the privileges of the Library patron(s) shall be suspended for additional periods of one (1) year each for any subsequent violations; 
  4. If the privileges of any Library patron(s) to use any computer device is suspended by any member of the Library staff under this policy, the patron(s) who is suspended shall have the right to appeal such suspension to the Board of Trustees of the Library and the Library Board will hear and consier such appeal or designate a hearing officer to hear such appeal and to report and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees of the Library for determination. The rules of evidence shall not apply with regard to any such hearing and any individual who presents an appeal shall be limited to thirty (30) minutes to present his or her arguments in support of the case and as part of the appeal process, may present written documenta-tion in support of their appeal; 
  5. In the event the Library patron(s) refuses to leave the library and continues to use a computer device in violation of the foregoing policy and in violation of any requests to discontinue and leave the premises, the Police Department of Spring Valley shall be contacted and an appropriate charge of trespass shall be filed against the Library patron(s) in accordance with the Penal Law of the State of New York. 


Booking a Room:

Bookings are made with the Library Director’s Secretary Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Confirmation will be made in writing to the applicant once the form has been returned.

When are rooms available?

Meetings may be scheduled during the following hours:

The granting of permission to any group for use of a meeting room merely grants to it the license for such use, which may be revoked by the Library at any time.

The Library reserves the right to revoke permission or withhold granting of permission for use of the meeting room, in the event it deems in its sole judgement that such use would not be in the best interest of the library.


No admission fees may be charged by the outside organization.

No solicitations, raffles or other fund raising is permitted.

Organizations using the Library’s premises are not required to compensate any member of the staff for any services.

A donation of $10 to help defray custodial costs would be most appreciated.