Last Updated: 07/7/2023

Are you looking for a local adventure this summer?
All ages are welcome to take a RCLS Road Trip!

The RCLS Road Trip is a program designed to encourage patrons throughout the RCLS service area to visit as many of our 47 libraries and 52 buildings as they can over the course of the summer months. Participating patrons will be given a map of the service area with library addresses which will also be used to keep track of the libraries they visited. 

This is an all-ages program, and we hope many new and existing library users enjoy exploring our wonderful libraries! 

Thank you to Senator James Skoufis for sponsoring the 

RCLS Road Trip.

 Begin your journey with a map of all 47 RCLS libraries. Start at any library, anytime, & explore as many libraries as possible!

Get a sticker on your map for each library visited & win free prizes. Remember to discover the attractions & activities of each community. The RCLS Road Trip takes place from June 26 to Sept. 8.

For more details click on RCLS Road Trip

Thank you to these local restaurants for helping us advertise.
When you “fuel-up” at FML, receive a coupon list to these restaurants good till September 8. 
All restaurants are within walking distance from our 106-year-old library.
Portuguese Churrasqueira Restaurant
230 W Rte. 59, Spot 8, Spring Valley
3 Ks Hot Spot : Jamaican Restaurant “Come taste the love.”
230 W Rte. 59 Shop 1, Spring Valley
El Bandido Mexican Restaurant
196 W Rte. 59, Spring Valley