Working Towards Wellness Book Club

Location: Finkelstein Memorial Library (The meeting room details will be shared upon registration).  

NY Project Hope would like to ask you to join their exciting Book Club!  In occasion of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we would to provide a way for everyone to start re-socializing in a safe way with our neighbors.  Our first book will be “Talking to Strangers” by Malcom Gladwell which is a great way to start!

Yoga Spring 2

Yoga is the union of breathing and mindful movement known to strengthen, energize, release stress and tension, and bring balance to your mind and body. All levels are welcome.  Check with your healthcare provider before beginning any exercise program. Zoom joining information will be communicated to those registered and it can be shared with others. Recording is strictly prohibited. Classes will be closed and locked punctually at the start hour.

Knit & Crochet Meet-Up

The Knit & Crochet group meets weekly to socialize, help each other with new techniques and show off their final works of art!

Caregiver Success
Book Signing

Location: FML 3rd floor Fielding Room

Join us as we meet author Ann (Nancy) Rhodes who will lead us in an interactive talk about her new book “Caregiver Success”. This comprehensive book has been created by an experienced nurse practitioner who worked in home care for over 40 years. Author Ann Rhodes talks about all facets of caregiving and is filled with common tips and tools you will need to care for someone who is elderly or disabled. It is filled with pictures that show process from how to use a Hoyer lift to conquering skin problems as well as the human side of aging.  Followed by the presentation will be a live book signing!

Zumba Spring 2

ZUMBA Fitness classes are the most FUN way to lose weight and say healthy! Classes are simple enough for anyone to follow. There will be options for beginners as well as advanced students so you can work at your own pace. The goal is for you to have a great time and not even realize you are getting an amazing workout!

Knit & Crochet Meet-Up

The Knit & Crochet group meets weekly to socialize, help each other with new techniques and show off their final works of art!

Understanding Alzheimer's
and Dementia

ALZHEIMER’S IS NOT NORMAL AGING. It is a disease of the brain that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Join us to learn about: the impact of Alzheimer’s, the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia, Alzheimer’s disease stages and risk factors, Current research and treatments available to address some symptoms, and Alzheimer’s Association resources

Summer Culinary Series

Session 1: Baking with Summer Fruit (June 14th)

Sweet summer peaches, berries, cherries, and other ripe fruits are among summer’s best offerings. Learn how to bake just-sweet-enough treats in which fruit has a starring role. Enjoy a demonstration and tips on how to showcase fruit and combine flavors in breakfast, snack, and dessert recipes.

Local Constituent Office Hours

The constituent services team representing Senator Reichlin-Melnick will be hosting Mobile Office Hours at the library! Come by to learn how this office can help you, ask about legislative initiatives and proposals, find out about local resources, and alert the Senator to any concerns you have.

This event is open to the public and there is no registration required.

Whole Person Wellness:
The Gut Brain Connection

Join this interactive workshop that provides an opportunity to engage in learning about how our brain, and our “gut brain” are connected. Learn how they work together, guided by our daily decisions to either promote wellness, or inflammation on a cellular level. The foods that we choose to eat, the thoughts that we allow ourselves to think, and the relationships that we choose to engage in, in addition to environmental factors, are all a recipe for wellness, or dis-ease. You will learn how to rebuild your gut/brain health through rebuilding gut integrity and priming your immune system through healthy foods, healthy thoughts, and healthy relationships, exercise, sleep, spirituality, and mindfulness. The gut and brain are connected by the largest nerve in the body: the Vagas nerve. This nerve controls messages to the gut, heart, and other vital organs, and is the gut’s direct connection to the brain.

Meditation for Inner Peace
During Turbulent Times

We are living in a time that feels often confusing and stressful. Through meditation we can experience a profound peace, bliss and happiness unlike any we can find in the world. We can calm the body and the mind. Participants will have a chance to try this simple meditation technique which is the secret to profound personal well-being and global healing.

Healthy Brain Aging: What to know
and where to find the best resources

Dr. Reichert from the Nathan S. Kline Institute will be hosting a free webinar on healthy brain aging. This talk will cover topics including what is healthy aging, what lifestyle factors can impact memory, and how to know the difference between being forgetful and having a memory problem. Dr. Reichert will also discuss the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and the signs to look out for as we age. Finally, she will cover the best free resources for seniors, from online programs for staying socially active to county-provide resources, including mental health services, transportation, and memory testing.

American Red Cross Blood Drive

Make your appointment to donate blood and give hope to others. The need is constant and the nation is facing a blood shortage. When you donate, you are part of a lifesaving cause!

Spanish Dance Spectacular
(Dance & Music Performance)

This wonderful live event will feature music and dances from Spain, with pieces representing neo-classical Spanish dances, zarzuela (Spanish musical theater) and flamenco. Spanish dance artist, Anna de la Paz will be joined by pianist, Elaina Burns for this performance of Spanish repertory.   This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Finkelstein Memorial Library.

Summer Culinary Series

Session 2: Summer Italian Kitchen (July 12th)

Italian cooking celebrates seasonal ingredients through preparations focused on flavor. Approach the kitchen with a fresh perspective as you learn how to update favorite Italian dishes for the summer. Learn how vegetables, fruit, and other fresh ingredients form the basis of beautiful and satisfying Italian meals

Rockland Works Career Fair

Please join us for a Job Fair! Bring your best business attire and resumes in hand to connect with many Rockland County Employers. Learn about current hiring incentives, explore new employment opportunities, and speak with employers in person. This event is free to employers and job seekers!

Defensive Driving

As a New York Safety Council class, patrons will be able to get an insurance reduction and/or points off of your license. This program is offered in two parts. YOU MUST ATTEND BOTH SESSIONS AND BE ON TIME IN ORDER TO QUALIFY. The class is in-person at the library. The class fee is $30 payable by cash or check (made out to Diane Mendez) and must be given to her at the FIRST class session, Wed. July 13, 2022. Finkelstein Library will not take money. Registration is first come, first serve.

Small Space Gardening

Growing a garden is a great way to produce healthy vegetables, herbs, and fruits at home. While spacious outdoor gardens produce larger harvests, you don’t need a sizable garden area to grow healthy vegetables in a small space. With the right containers, soil, watering schedule, and sun exposure, it’s possible to yield your favorite vegetables in small space such as a patio, deck or balcony.

Marilyn Benkler Sings

Join us for a live performance as Marilyn Benkler Sings for you her unconventional journey expressed through love, heartbreak, delight and humor. Come and enjoy the experience with songs of Cole Porter, John Mercer, Charlie Chaplin, Rodgers and Hart, Stevie Wonder, Arthur Hammerstein and Ellen Ziegler.



An Illustrated History of
Eastern Rockland County

An illustrated history of Eastern Rockland County by Nyack Sketch Log author and artist Bill Batson. This talk explores local sites of interest through a slide show of his illustrations and text from his short essays.