Caregiver Health & Wellness

To register, please or call: (845) 842-9116

This is a free service that provides resources for individuals who are caring for an elderly spouse, grandparent, mother, father, relative or non-related relative, like a good friend. Group members receive guidance, coping strategies, and share useful resources that have helped them through the caregiving journey.

This program is sponsored by the Rockland County Office for the Aging.

Kosher Caregiver Meet and Greet

Exchange valuable resources, insights, medical supplies you do not need, and more while having your questions answered by Medical, Medicaid, Pooled Trust, Pharmacy and Home Care Experts. Light refreshments will be served and all items will be Kosher!

No registration is required.

This event is sponsored by Rockland County Executive Ed Day, the Kosher Senior Community Page and MedWiz.

Yoga Spring Session

Yoga is the union of breathing and mindful movement known to strengthen, energize, release stress and tension, and bring balance to your mind and body. All levels are welcome. Check with your healthcare provider before beginning any exercise program. Zoom joining information will be communicated to those registered and it can be shared with others. Recording is strictly prohibited. Classes will be closed and locked punctually at the start hour.

Knit & Crochet Virtual Meet-Up

The Knit & Crochet group meets weekly on Zoom to socialize, help each other with new techniques and show off their final works of art!

Diabetes Prevention Program

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is a partnership of National Diabetes Prevention Program and Montefiore Nyack Hospital working to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

Through this program you can lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes in almost half:

1.      Working with a trained health coach.

2.      Discovering how to eat healthy and be more active.

3.      Learning to manage stress and solve problems

4.      Getting support from others in yours community

To register, please call: (845) 348-2004. This program is in Spanish and all are welcome.

Pathways to Success:
"Your Career Journey
Begins with Us"
Career Support Program

 **Part 2 – Resume Workshop:** February 27th

  • Teach participants how to craft effective resumes for both physical and digital use.
  • Guide them on creating virtual profiles on platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn.

Zumba Spring 2024 Session

ZUMBA Fitness classes are the most FUN way to lose weight and say healthy! Classes are simple enough for anyone to follow. There will be options for beginners as well as advanced students so you can work at your own pace. The goal is for you to have a great time and not even realize you are getting an amazing workout!

Knit & Crochet Virtual Meet-Up

The Knit & Crochet group meets weekly on Zoom to socialize, help each other with new techniques and show off their final works of art!

The Library: A Universal Memoir

This webinar celebrates libraries, encourages participants to share individual library experiences, and gives hope to those who are feeling alone, scared and joyless during these uncertain times. Topics include a brief history of the early library movement in the United States, the characteristics of a memoir, the multi-generational transference of library usage across decades and the role patrons play in the future of libraries.

3-D Paper Crafting

Participants will learn paper crafting and ink blending skills that will allow them to color and assemble a 3D pop up card using precut paper pieces completed with equipment on hand in the Makerspace. The card can be folded down for mailing purposes (envelopes will be provided). Please note that we will be dealing with glue and ink that can may get on your clothes so dress accordingly. 

This class will be offered each month during the spring season and each session will be open for attendees that have not yet participated.

Lyme Disease Meet and Greet

Enjoy a formal presentation from Lyme Disease Specialist Dr. M. Hinchey followed by an opportunity to network and share ideas with fellow community members who were personally, or know someone affected by Lyme Disease or other Tick Borne Illness.

Light refreshments will be served and everything will be Kosher.

This is a free event sponsored by the Kosher Senior Community Page, Med Wiz Pharmacy, Uptown Pharmacy, Black and Hay Farm, and Montefiore Nyack Hospital.

Gut, Help Me!

March is colon cancer prevention month. Here we tell you how to help your colon to lower risk of disease and how to identify first signs of cancer.

This program is sponsored by Montefiore Nyack Hospital.

Art Pioneers:
Women of Abstract Expressionism

Celebrate women’s history as we discover the women who pioneered abstract art: Lee Krasner, Elaine DeKooning, Helen Frankenthaler, and others. Learn about their lives and their groundbreaking creativity. Following a presentation, virtually tour the home and studio of Lee Krasner and her husband Jackson Pollock.

Spring Culinary Series

Session 1: (March 14): Mexican-Inspired Spring Dishes

Learn to make Mexican-inspired dishes featuring seasonal ingredients and the perfect guacamole as a topping. We will incorporate plenty of fresh herbs and the best spring offerings. Welcome the start of the growing season with fresh, green ingredients that make Mexican meals beautiful and flavorful.

Guitar Lessons

Learn to play guitar with Chris! Six sessions with an experienced teacher, artist, and songwriter for only $25.
Students will need to provide their own guitar, however (no guitars with amps). Christ is a published songwriter and
has played with many popular artists throughout the years. He teaches at a grammar school in NJ to grades pre-k
through 8, and has taught private lessons since 2001.

Pathways to Success:
"Your Career Journey
Begins with Us"
Career Support Program

 **Part 3 – Job Searching:** March 19th

  • Demonstrate effective techniques for searching careers online using top job search engines.
  • Highlight the advantages of participating in in-person career fairs.

Micro Activism: How You Can Make a Difference in the World without a Bullhorn Book Talk

In Micro Activism, former political consultant turned activism coach Omkari Williams shares her expertise in empowering introverts and highly sensitive people to help others find the activist roles that will be most satisfying and effective for them. Using Williams’s Activist Archetype tool, readers discover their unique strengths and use this to develop a personal activism vision and game plan for making a difference.

 To ensure sustainable involvement, Williams encourages starting small, working collaboratively, and beginning locally. Advice on self-care practices, burn-out prevention, and profiles of activists engaged in a range of activities and causes (from voter registration to craftivism, literacy programs, community gardens, and more) provide readers with the inspiration and practical know-how needed to engage in and commit to small, doable actions that will make a big impact in the long-term.

The Ladies of Soul
Women's History Month Concert

Chronicling the early years of soul music’s greatest diva’s to today’s contemporary singers, Markeisha Ensley performs an engaging, fun-filled live musical tribute. Showcasing songs from legendary artists alike Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston, she explores the origins of soul music in the church and the rise of female artists that defined the genre over the generations.

Artist Talk with A. Anupama-
Hybrid Poetry+Visual Art Projects

At the intersection of painting and words, the hybrid works by local poet-artist A. Anupama bring a lightness of spirit that is hard to define. Inspired by interconnections both in the natural world and in human creativity, she arranges watercolors, botanicals, and words in the style of herbarium specimens or collage-style shadow boxes.  Join us for a virtual presentation and talk about creativity, hybridity of forms, and the poetic eye.

QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer)
Suicide Prevention Training

Ask a Question, Save A Life. Three steps anyone can take to help prevent suicide. You can be a resource for someone who might be struggling. Let’s make sure everyone in our community knows how much they matter. Learn to recognize the warning signs, how to intervene, and where to refer someone who is in crisis. Are you QPR ready?

This program is sponsored by MHA Rockland.

How Parkinson's Changed My Life

What are the early signs of Parkinson’s? What caused my diagnosis? What do you do after a diagnosis? Explore how to live well with Parkinson’s in every stage.

 This event is sponsored by Montefiore Nyack Hospital.

Spring Culinary Series

Session 2: (April 11): Cooking as Creative Meditation

Learn how to approach cooking as a daily act involving mindfulness, gratitude, and joy.  From the market to the kitchen to the table, cooking offers meaningful ways to bring tranquility and connection into your life. In this class we will explore how the act of creating and enjoying beautiful food can become an ongoing practice to support wellness. 

Pathways to Success:
"Your Career Journey
Begins with Us"
Career Support Program

**Part 4 – Interview Workshop:** April 16th

  • Prepare attendees for in-person and virtual interviews.
  • Provide insights on personal presentation and proper Zoom etiquette.

3-D Paper Crafting

Participants will learn paper crafting and ink blending skills that will allow them to color and assemble a 3D pop up card using precut paper pieces completed with equipment on hand in the Makerspace. The card can be folded down for mailing purposes (envelopes will be provided). Please note that we will be dealing with glue and ink that can may get on your clothes so dress accordingly. 

This class will be offered each month during the spring season and each session will be open for attendees that have not yet participated.

Memories of the New York
World's Fair (1964-65)

Travel back with Alan Bernstein via the NYC Subway #7 train to the 1964-65 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows.
Relive all the fun, food, celebrities and history of the fair. See what iconic automobile made its first appearance at
the fair and what celebrated Walt Disney ride was created for the fair. Enjoy a day at the fair and sample what you
might have seen and maybe forgot was at the fair.

Managing Money: A Caregiver's Guide to Finances

If you or someone you know is facing Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or another chronic illness, it is never too early to put financial plans in place. Join us for this free virtual program in partnership to learn tips for managing someone else’s finances, how to prepare for future care costs and the benefits of early planning. An elder law attorney will also cover some tips on legal planning.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the New York State Department of Health. This program is sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association.

Beyond the Civil War:
Buffalo Soldiers on the American Frontier and Overseas

Generations of African Americans have fought for the protection of the United States, but it would not be until the Civil War that they would serve in an official capacity. Due to their exemplary service, a Congressional Act passed on July 28, 1866 that created six new regiments comprised of all black enlisted men with predominately white officers. Later condensed to four regiments, they would come to be known as the “Buffalo Soldiers.”

These Soldiers played a decisive role in the U.S. Army on the western frontier and overseas operations. The courage and determination of the Soldiers in spite of segregation at home would pave the way towards achieving integration and full civil rights in the future.

In this Virtual Field Trip, examine the commitment, challenges, and sacrifices of Buffalo soldier immediately following the Civil War and continuing through the Spanish American War. This Virtual Field Trip is supported by the U.S. Army Women’s Museum and the Frontier Army Museum.

Rhapsody in Love, the music of
George Gershwin & Kay Swift

2024 marks the 100-year anniversary of George Gershwin’s monumental debut of Rhapsody in This important work changed the landscape of American classical and jazz music and influenced so many composers of its day. It continues to be a work that has been in the repertoire of every major pianist and in every major concert hall in the world. In addition to Gershwin’s piano and vocal music, this program will also include the music of Kay Swift who was not only an editor and champion of Gershwin’s music but the two were also romantically involved with each other.  Swift is considered the first successful female composer on Broadway with Fine and Dandy and also composed miniature piano pieces that have rarely been performed for the public.

Matter of Balance:
Managing Concerns About Falls

Do you have a fear of falling? Do you limit your activities because of a fear of falling? Have you had falls in the past? Are you interested in improving flexibility, balance, and strength? Are you age 60 or older, community-dwelling, and able to problem solve?

A Matter of Balance Fall Prevention Program will help you learn practical coping strategies to reduce your fear of falling and increase your activity level by doing strength and balance exercises. This 8-week series is led by trained coaches and meets for two hours once a week. 

Viva L'Anarchia: The Sacco-Vanzetti Case

This presentation chronicles the saga the two Italian anarchists. The story begins with the robberies in Bridgewater and Braintree Massachusetts and then turns to the famous trial at Dedham and the following six years of attempts to get a new trial. Next, the worldwide protests and demonstrations will be discussed and then, finally, the last days of Sacco and Vanzetti will be highlighted with a vivid description of their sentencing and execution. “Viva l’anarchia” contains period photographs of all the major players in the case, the locations of the robberies, the courthouse, the massive demonstrations, Charlestown State Prison and the funeral procession down Hanover Street in Boston. Many of these photographs are rare and are not published anywhere. There are also many photographs of locations as they appear today.

The Roots of Black Music in America Concert

Producer, songwriter, teacher, and troubadour, Karlus Trapp’s presents his delightful, educational and entertaining presentation “The Roots of Black Music in America.” It is a 100- year journey back through time, and offers a fresh perspective through song, story, and history to learn about the music of America’s black musical giants. Hear Scott Joplin during the birth of Ragtime. Dance to the Charleston in the 1920’s. Play air guitar with Chuck Berry or sing along with the Supremes in the 60’s in the motor city. Warning: Attending this show you may find yourself smiling, humming, or tapping your feet for hours afterward…and you will be surprised what you may learn!

African Dance, Art and Culture Performance

West African dance tells a story. Chiku Awali African Dance, Arts & Culture, Inc. performs and teaches dances such as Lamba and Funga, which are dances of welcome. KouKou and Gundi are celebration dances for a good fishing catch. The dance Sounou, shows off dancing ability and beauty; and Soli, Kassa, and Sinte, are dances about the coming of age. These African dances are found primarily in West Africa.  In all African cultures, dances are participatory. Thus, the performers involve the audience in interactive dance movement and hands-on or simulated jembe drumming.  The performance inspires the audience to think and reflect on the cultural dimensions and contributions of this form of African art, and gives the audience valuable experience in African culture. Chiku Awali is proud to work with the Finkelstein Memorial Library in sharing the beauty and magic of Africa.

Chiku Awali is a multifaceted community organization of African dancing, drumming, storytelling, arts, and cultural enrichment. It is a not for profit organization founded in January 2003. Chiku Awali provides classes to adults and children at the Louis Kurtz Civic Center in Spring Valley. The company’s name, Chiku Awali is a combination of the Swahili and Ibo languages that means charterer and joy. Thus, the name represents the joy of a new adventure.

We Will Remember Film Discussion

Marcella Gilbert is a Lakota and Dakota community organizer with a focus on food sovereignty and cultural revitalization. Her mother, Madonna Thunder Hawk was a leader of the American Indian Movement, and together they fought for Native rights in an environment that made them more comrades than mother-daughter. Their activism is highlighted in the Peabody nominated documentary film Warrior Women (2018), which explores what it means to navigate a movement and motherhood and how activist legacies are passed down and transformed from generation to generation in the context of colonizing government that meets Native resistance with violence.

Marcella Gilbert will discuss her involvement in a recent oral history project documenting the history of the We Will Remember Survival School (WWRSS). Founded in 1974 in Rapid City, this Indian-led school was envisaged as a space for cultural revitalization and as an alternative to mainstream education. WWRSG centered Indigenous knowledge, culture and history, and students practiced self-determination through collectively building their curriculum, and developing their own pedagogy and learning program. As a student of We Will Remember Survival School, Marcella participated to protests and occupations across Indian country. She was also part of a contingent of students who represented their nations at the first UN Conference on Indigenous people in Geneva in 1977, and went to Cuba in 1978 for celebrations of the UN’s International Year of the Child. During this event, Marcella will reflect on her own WWRSG experiences of transforming and decolonizing education, as well her the Warrior Women Project’s ambition to build upon it’s legacy in sharing Indigenous histories of resistance, survival and empowerment.

3-D Paper Crafting

Participants will learn paper crafting and ink blending skills that will allow them to color and assemble a 3D pop up card using precut paper pieces completed with equipment on hand in the Makerspace. The card can be folded down for mailing purposes (envelopes will be provided). Please note that we will be dealing with glue and ink that can may get on your clothes so dress accordingly. 

This class will be offered each month during the spring season and each session will be open for attendees that have not yet participated.

Women's Health Seminar: What You Need to Know About Cervical Health

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women. The good news is that when diagnosed at an early stage, it is one of the most successfully treatable forms of cancer. Join us for a comprehensive approach to prevent, screen and treat cervical cancer.

This program is sponsored by Montefiore Nyack Hospital.

Poe Show

Please join us for live performances of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven and Tell-Tale Heart. There will be interpretive readings of other poems, historical and biographical information shared, and other fun facts. The Poe show is entertaining and educational!

This Land, My Beloved, A Trilingual Anthology of Contemporary Haitian Poetry

Authors Denize Lauture, Michele Voltaire Marcelin, Berthony Dupont and Elizabeth Brunazzi will perform selections of poetry from the recently published trilingual anthology of contemporary Haitian poetry, THIS LAND, MY BELOVED/TE MWEN RENMEN AN/CETTE TERRE, MON AMOUR, Preface, Edwidge Danticat, Trilingual Press, Cambridge Mass, October 2023, 481 pages. The collection includes poetry in English, Haitian Creole, and French by forty-seven writers, living and working in five different countries: Haiti, USA, Canada, France, and Spain. The performances will be in English, although members of the audience are welcome to request readings of the selected texts in both Haitian Creole and French.

Defensive Driving

As a New York Safety Council class, patrons will be able to get an insurance reduction and/or points off of your license. This program is offered in two parts. YOU MUST ATTEND BOTH SESSIONS IN ORDER TO QUALIFY AND BE ON TIME. The class fee is $35 payable by cash or check (made out to Diane Mendez) and must be given to her either at the FIRST class session. Finkelstein Library will not take money. Registration is first come, first serve.

Spring Culinary Series

Session 3: (May 9): French Cafe at Home

Beautiful ingredients make for delicious brunch or any-time dishes. Bring the French cafe home as we learn to make a vegetable-rich French salad, the technique for perfect poached eggs, and even a satisfying alternative to French toast.

Job Fair

Please join us for an exciting Job Fair! Arrive in your best business attire and resume in hand to connect with many Rockland County employers. Learn about current hiring incentives, explore new employment opportunities, and speak with employers in person.  This event is free and all are welcome to attend! No registration is required.

Kosher Senior Resource Fair

Join us for a wonderful resource fair to learn about the local services available to seniors. We will feature blood pressure readings, Q&A with local physicians, free giveaways, refreshments and face painting. For those interested in employment, bring your resume for on-site interviews with recruiters!

There is no registration required to attend this event.

Dance with Haiti Performance

Celebrate Haitian Heritage Month with us through dance, art, poetry and music! La Vie de Danse wants to create an artistic experience that celebrates the culture of the people of Haiti through dance. The objective of this event is to provide a professional and aesthetically pleasing experience that answers many questions. Haiti traditional dances are a part of the history and culture of the people of the country. They are the heart of the gatherings and play an important role in the expression of their spirituality. The dance of the people of Haiti has its origin in Africa. It tells the story of important events in life, invokes the spirits, and encourages fellowship among those who hear the sounds. La Vie De Danse aims to highlight the different styles of dance, such as kompa, festival dance, and religious dance. This showcase will help the community to better understand and connect to the culture of the Haitian people.

Effective Communication

Communication is more than just talking and listening—it is also about sending and receiving messages through attitude, tone of voice, facial expressions and body language. As people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias progress in their journey and lose the ability to use words, families need new ways to connect.

Join us to explore how communication takes place when someone has Alzheimer’s, learn to decode the verbal and behavioral messages delivered by someone with dementia, and identify strategies to help you connect and communicate at each stage of the disease.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the New York State Department of Health. This program is sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association.

Citizen Preparedness Seminar

With severe weather events becoming more frequent and more extreme, it is more important than ever that New Yorkers are prepared for disasters. The NY Citizen Preparedness Training Program teaches residents to have the tools and resources to prepare for any type of disaster, respond accordingly and recover as quickly as possible to pre-disaster conditions. The training course will provide an introduction to responding to a natural or manmade disaster. Participants will be advised on how to properly prepare for any disaster, including developing a family emergency plan and stocking up on emergency supplies.

Every attendee receives a free preparedness bag filled with helpful tools!

The Dangers of Social Media
& Why It Matters in Holocaust
& Genocide Studies

Almost every day we hear a news story about the dangers of social media – for young people’s mental health, the dissemination of conspiracy theories, and even as a recruiting place for extremist groups. Put plainly, much of social media today poses risks of violence (against self or others), discrimination, and fearmongering. 

Online is a place that has potential to do and to share much good, but has also been co-opted by forces that seek to divide and anger us. Misinformation is spread as fact, conspiracy theories proliferate, stereotypes and hateful imagery are celebrated as humorous. It is also easy to fall into social media communities that become echo chambers for polarization, leading to extremism. This is an interactive workshop exploring propaganda, its meaning and methods, as used by the Nazis to spread lies, and stoke an irrational fear of others. We will focus on the dangers of misinformation in the media and on social platforms. Students will view a video about the Holocaust that asks the questions, “Where does such hatred come from? How could this have happened? Why?” Working collaboratively, groups will discuss and participate in activities that address propaganda and the power of lies. Students will also discuss critical thinking, and the need to separate truth from fiction in their daily lives, on the internet, and on social media.