WiFi hotspots are available to Finkelstein cardholders!

WiFi hotspots will be available only to Finkelstein cardholders 18 years of age and older showing valid ID. Equipment will not be checked out to patrons owing $10.00 or more for overdue, lost, missing or damaged library materials. Equipment is not eligible for Interlibrary Loan.      Please fill out WiFi Hotspot Circulation Policy, by clicking button below.

  • Equipment may be checked out for 2 weeks
  • Only 1 Per Household
  • At this time, renewals are not allowed
  • Overdue fines will be assessed at a rate of $5.00 (five dollars) per day
  • If a hotspot is not returned on its due date, it will be turned off and wireless service will be terminated
  • If the hotspot is lost, please contact the Library immediately
  • If the lost equipment is returned in good condition, the cost for replacement may be waived; however, you will be responsible for any overdue fines incurred

To keep equipment in good working order, please do not pile other books or materials on the equipment and keep the equipment away from heat and liquids. Do not place equipment in library book drops. If a WiFi Hotspot is found in any book or DVD/video drop, a $25.00 fee (plus any additional fees incurred) will be charged.

You are expected to return equipment in the same condition you received it. If any problems are encountered with the WiFi Hotspot while checked out, return it to the Library immediately. In the event of damage to any part of the equipment or content, IT Services staff will determine if damage is the result of normal wear and tear. Do not attempt repairs, adjustments or alterations! The Finkelstein Library will make all purchases of replacement equipment and parts. If the WiFi Hotspot is damaged beyond repair, you will be responsible for all replacement fees.



It is your responsibility to point out any loss or possible damage to equipment that happens during the time the equipment is checked out to you.

  • All components:$150.00
  • WiFi hotspot only: $100.00
  • Cover/Case: $25.00
  • Charger/Cable: $25.00